A little something for the ladies (and the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" crowd)

When an American soldier, sailor, airman, or marine is injured in the line of duty, it is the governnent’s obligation — its duty — to do what we can to make them whole, or to help them in any way it can. And since our government it an extension of our will, that means it’s our responsibility. We don’t always meet that responsibility as fully as we should, but we do try.

The odd thing is, by their very nature the ones that end up needing the most help are often the ones most reluctant to seek it out, or accept it. But that’s OK, because the folks in our military are the ones most likely to step up and help out their brothers and sisters in need. Many of our service members will give the shirt off their backs for a buddy.

As seen here.

Freedom Is Not Free is a new non-profit charitable group that raises money for those wounded in our nation’s service, to help them adjust to life with their new conditions. All expenditures are overseen by men and women who have been awarded The Purple Heart, and this year as a fundraiser they are selling a calendar.

And what a calendar.

A full year of Marine Recon veterans, two of whom were wounded in Iraq, are featured in the calendar — and more than half of them lacking full uniform and military decorum.

I know this has made my life easier. This will be the first Christmas Wizbang has featured female staffers, and I think I just found the perfect present for Kim and Lorie…

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