Make way for Senor Dumbo!

(Alternate Title: What’s Spanish for “And The Band Played On”?)

Normally, I don’t go for stupid political stunts done to garner PR for the candidate. Most of the time, they’re just self-serving idiocies that demonstrate the candidate’s utterly UNsuitability for elected office — or any other position of responsibility.

That’s not a hard and fast rule for me, though. Every now and then someone will pull one that is just so brilliant, so inspired, such a stroke of genius for demonstrating the sheer absurdity of a situation that I have no choice but to laugh and wish like hell I could vote for the candidate.

Such is the case for Raj Peter Bakhta, former contestant from “The Apprentice” (another stupid reality show I refuse to watch) who is running for the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.

Anyone who can pull off the kind of stunt he did, and with such panache, NEEDS to be sent to DC. If anywhere is in more dire need of someone with a superb sense of the absurd — and the ability to skewer it so magnificently — than Capitol Hill, I don’t want to know about it.

(Well, maybe Foggy Bottom, but you don’t get elected there.)

Update: Thanks to both Rob Port, and Kevin, we now have this video report of the stunt.

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