Compare and contrast

Former Representative Mark Foley (R-FL) was caught sending salacious instant messages to a former Congressional page. He resigned on the spot, and to this day has yet to have a single person come forward and defend his actions.

Current Representative William Jefferson Clinton (D-LA) is under investigation for bribery by the FBI, and his staunch refusal to cooperate with them led to a miniature Constitutional crisis when he tried to assert Congressional immunity and protect his office from a search. He also shanghaied a National Guard unit during the Katrina flooding to rescue a safe from his home.

Jefferson is currently running for re-election, with the endorsement of New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has been wracked by financial and corruption scandals. The latest is a land deal that netted him over a million dollars, one that he “neglected” to list on required financial-disclosure reports. There have been — to the best of my knowledge — NO calls for his resignation by any of his fellow Democrats.

It appears that scumbags are pretty evenly distributed, but one side seems a bit better at getting rid of them (Foley, Duke Cunningham)– while the other tends to pooh-pooh their peccadilloes (Mel Reynolds and Sandy Berger, just to name two) and go blithely on with life.

The Democrats tend to talk a lot about “the culture of corruption.” Maybe their expertise is based on keeping the corrupt ones around, so they can study them better.

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