Wizbang Podcast #42 is up

The 42nd edition of the Wizbang Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. Here’s what I thought you’d like to hear about today:

  1. Why the UN is Irrelevant – When the Human Rights Council is Your Best Example of Success, You’re in Trouble
  2. We’re At War. What Are You Doing? – Recruiting Success
  3. Give me All Your Sevens – Reporters Play Go Fish
  4. How many died? – Political Bias in Science
  5. Geographically Speaking, Where is Work? – The Telemarketer’s Call from Hell

Go and listen!

Note: Even if you don’t use iTunes, a podcatcher, or any other fancy tech gizmo’s, if you have speakers on your computer you can listen to a streaming version of the show via the Audioblog control at the top of the story.

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