A Feminist Blogger Will Abort Her Baby to Get Back at Pro-Lifers

I have commentary at my personal site, Kim Priestap. Here’s a portion:

Unfortunately, she looks at abortion a way to strike back at pro-lifers. It’s her way of saying screw you. She thinks this will hurt us; it won’t. It will kill her baby. Her child. It will also destroy a piece of her soul, which she will never be able to get back.

As a result of publishing her intent to abort her baby, she has received a lot of hateful comments on her blog, which, in my opinion, are completely out of line. She is so misguided and self-absorbed that she is eager to kill one of her own children so her life won’t be inconvenienced, even though she invited this child’s conception. She shouldn’t be hated. She should be prayed for. What a miserable life she must lead to have such deep hate for an innocent being who did nothing wrong but come into existence through no action of its own. Someday, she will be haunted by her decision. And when she is, I hope she turns to Operation Outcry for help.

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