What's Spanish for "Chutzpah?"

Two recent stories have convinced me (well, reaffirmed my belief) that the illegal alien problem in this country has gone beyond crisis, to beyond insanity, to the point of sheer incomprehensible lunacy. I mean, no satirist could make up some of these incidents.

In Royse City, Texas, a police officer was suspicious of a man and ordered to lay on the ground. When he didn’t comply, the officer made him do so.

The man’s defense: although he has been coming to the US from Mexico for work for 23 years (illegally), he didn’t understand the police officer’s “down!” Now he’s suing because the cop didn’t speak Spanish.

And if that isn’t bad enough, now we have this story that falls under the category of “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Wendy’s subsidiary, Cafe Express, had quite a few illegal aliens working for them. But that was OK; the aliens were enrolled in a program to become legal. But the law firm handling the matter dropped the ball and never filed the paperwork. When Wendy’s found out that its illegal aliens were not covered by the program, it did the only thing it could: it fired them.

And, naturally, now they’re suing.

I see a simple solution to this: The next time there’s a hearing, meeting, deposition, anything official, Wendy’s attorneys show up with immigration officials. The instant the plaintiffs admit that they are illegal aliens, they are arrested and deported on the spot. End of lawsuit, end of problem.

One of the problems illegal aliens have is that they are often afraid of complaining against exploitation and abuse, because that brings them to the attention of the authorities. But in these cases, especially the Wendy’s matter, there was no real exploitation. The police are under no obligation to cater to illegal aliens who can’t even be bothered to learn the rudiments of the language of the nation they are invading, and the problem with the Wendy’s workers was not Wendy’s fault. The illegal aliens — who had everything at stake in making sure that they were in compliance with the program to legitimize them — should not have been so trusting of the law firm that apparently screwed them over.

But these two suits strike me as going way, way too far. These people all need to be shown the door (or, rather, the border) posthaste. They’re learning how to be exactly the WRONG kind of immigrants we need. We have an overabundance of sue-happy asshats in this country already.

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