Blogger Conference call with Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer

Today I participated in One Jerusalem‘s blogger conference call with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

He just published a new book called The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion.

First Robert answered the question “Why does Muhammad matter?

This is my summary of Robert’s answer:

He is considered by Muslims in the traditional theology as the perfect man. People act in his name and by his example. The now-decomposing Zarqawi used Muhammad’s example in order to rally his warriors to fight against the Americans in Iraq.

While many use Muhammad as an example to eliminate unbelievers, others have argued that Muhammad was peacefull and would never harm his opponents. This causes us to ask, “who is Mohammad?” In order to understand what we expect from the Islamic world and Islamic advocacy groups in the US, we have to understand who Muhammad is.

Robert then took us back to the days of Muhammad and explained how Christians and Jews were treated.

Muhammad considered himself to be along the lines of Jewish prophets and like Christ (Muslims viewed Christ as a prophet, not the son of God).

Jews of Arabia rejected Muhammad because he wasn’t Jewish and the Christians also rejected him as well. That ticked him off and over time he became more negative toward them. Muhammad said that Jews and Christians received the “word” from Allah, but rejected it. He said that Jews and Christians took this “word” and twisted it to create their own religions. According to Muhammad, Jews and Christians in the Middle East were actually Muslims who rejected Muhammad. He said that the Jewish and Christian prophets were also Muslim prophets. At this time, the Muslims forced those Jews and Christians in the Middle East to live under dhimmitude. They had to pay very high taxes and suffer great humiliation. However, all their suffering would go away if they converted to Islam.

Over the centuries, Muslims slowly chipped way at the Jews and Christians in the Middle East, converting them to Islam. Today, true Muslims believe that true Christians and true Jews in the Middle East are actually Muslims who rejected Muhammad and Islam. They also believe that all churches and temples in this area of the world also belong to the Muslims. That’s why they want to kill all unbelievers and take back the region. In fact, Robert said this belief is more important to them than Muhammad’s ascention to paradise.

From there Robert took questions from the bloggers who participated:

Jerry Gordon from Israpundit, Anne Lieberman from Boker Tov Boulder, Richard Baehr from American Thinker, Omri from Mere Rhetoric, Jim Hoft from Gateway Pundit, Kim Priestap from Wizbang, Avi Green from Tel Chai Nation, Ocean Guy from Somewhere on A1A, and Lynn B. from In Context.

They asked many very interesting, well informed questions. You can go to One Jerusalem for the audio.

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