While I usually enjoy “dumb criminal” stories, every now and then I enjoy a tale that shows that the Thin Blue Line is filled with men and women who are all too human, all too fallible, and just as prone as the rest of us to misplace things.

For example, in Lowell, Massachusetts, a police officer responded to a call of a reported burglary. He raced to the scene, jumped out of his car, and checked for the burglar.

It turns out he should have been looking for a car thief, because while he was away, someone stole his cruiser.

Luckily, it turned up the next day.

In a slightly more serious vein, in Boston it appears someone may be living (ahem) “high on the hog.”

During a routine audit of stored evidence in their warehouse, officials discovered a few minor discrepancies. When a “mountain” of marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs were moved around inside, it appears that a rather hefty amount of evidence in old cases just up and disappeared.

Officials say that the drugs are most likely just misplaced, and not really missing, but can’t say for sure until the audit is finished.

Until then, though, it’s a nice reminder that nobody’s perfekt.

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