We Support The Troops — So What If We Don't Know What They Look Like


Michelle Malkin has a hilarious post about the Democrats’ efforts to portray themselves as a party that supports military veterans. What is so funny about it is that along with their “We Support Vets” campaign they ran a picture of a soldier from Canada (in the picture above in the beret).

Michelle also reports that LGF found the source of the photo and it appears that a badge on the beret was removed with Photoshop.

I’m with Blackfive on this one: “how screwed up must you be to post about how much your party supports the troops, but not know who your troops are? ‘Embarassing’ hardly begins to describe this error.”

It is embarrassing to post a picture of another country’s vets as your own, but I think the picture of all the Democrats is almost as strange. The people in the picture pumping their fists in the air look like they just won the lottery (or since they are Democrats, just got some tax cuts repealed), rather than voicing support for their troops and vets. Check out the guy in the bottom left corner. When is the last time you saw a Democrat look that excited about supporting our troops?

Update: Michelle has updated to note the DNC has removed the soldier’s picture and replaced it with an American flag. A few readers noticed that the flag looks like it has been burned. It looks that way to me, too. I don’t know if that is the picture I would have chosen if trying to distract voters from the flag burners supporting my party.

I think I have figured out where the picture of the people above came from — a Democrat audience in a showing of the Bush assassination movie. Actually a commenter, Dave, says that LGF reader Cattt discovered it is a stock photo.

Update II: Hot Air says the DNC didn’t do the photoshopping themselves.

Laura Lee Donoho thought the picture of the people they chose to use was strange, too.

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Update III: It just dawned on me that if the Democrats needed to know what a veteran of the U.S. military looked like, they could have just asked me. I pulled this one out of my wedding album:

Bait and switch at the Boston Globe


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