A peek behind the scenes

This is a bit “inside baseball” stuff about how I do my blogging, so if you’re not the least bit curious, feel free to skip this piece.

At The Day Job, the one that pays the bills (mostly), I have an extremely irregular schedule. In fact, I’m lucky if I work the same hours twice a week. Since I have no life and have been with the company over 20% of my time on earth (god, that’s depressing), I get plugged into the schedule wherever they need me.

Further, I’m a morning person. (Yes, I’m one of those. If folks didn’t have enough reasons to hate me, there’s another.) I usually wake up between 4 and 5 every morning, even on my days off. Since I almost never have to leave before 7:30, that means I do most of my blogging before work.

For example, yesterday I started writing pieces for the day around quarter to five, and finished the fourth one shortly after 8. That was wonderful for my productivity, but meant that two of my pieces sat “in the can” for three and six hours respectively. And since I rarely get online at work (maybe 20 minutes or so halfway through the day), that means they couldn’t get updated if circumstances changed.

Today — Friday — is even odder. I have to leave for work by 5:30, so I’m writing a couple pieces Thursday evening. It’s almost 9:30, and I’ll probably write one more before bed. I’ll have to make sure it’s less “timely,” but sometimes things get weird.

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