A bad drachma always returns

Right now in Massachusetts, there’s a rather heated governor’s race going on. The incumbent, Mitt Romney, has announced he’s not running, but rather is looking into a presidential bid for 2008. That leaves his lieutenant governor, Kerry Murphy Healey, to keep the GOP’s hold on the corner office. She’s being challenged by an independent, a third-party candidate, and a Democrat.

And right now, that Democrat has a rather hefty lead in the polls.

Deval Patrick is an attorney. He’s been a corporate lawyer for years, and before that he served in the Clinton administration. And he has a LOT of support.

The reason for that support escapes me. If anything, he reminds me of Michael Dukakis — if Dukakis were younger, more charismatic, and black.

Dukakis got into trouble when he started issuing “weekend furloughs” for convicted felons, especially those serving life without parole. Patrick is talking about changing the law so felons can have their records expunged. He’s also spent several years arguing for the freedom of a convicted rapist — a rapist so brutal, he was sentenced to life even though he didn’t kill his victim. (Instead, he bound and tortured the elderly woman for hours.)

Patrick has said he wrote the letters “15 or 20” years ago, but the last one was in 2000, when he praised the rapist’s character. Said rapist demanded DNA testing to prove his innocence; instead, it affirmed that the police had the right scumbag.

Dukakis oversaw the raising of taxes in Massachusetts to the point where it became known as “Taxachusetts.” Not only does Patrick oppose rolling the tax rate back to 5% (which was passed by a voter initiative in 2000, but the legislature and courts decided that it was just an “advisory” referendum and hence non-binding), but has been quoted as saying that taxes are “too low.” (The state ran a 1-billion-dollar surplus last year, but luckily the legislature found all sorts of uses for the money.)

Finally, Dukakis ordered the state to issue fraudulent Social Security numbers to illegal aliens so they could obtain drivers’ licenses. Patrick has said he favors giving illegal aliens who live in Massachusetts the in-state tuition rate at state colleges.

So, voters of Massachusetts, come November, remember this:

If you liked Mike, you’ll fall for Deval. He’s very Dukakesque.

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