Not All Are Crazy About Free Speech

The Anchoress looks at a recent (and very moving) installment of CBS’s Free Speech segment about school violence from a Columbine parent, and also to some of the reaction the commentary received.

Lots and lots of comments being left at CBS, and aside from a few people who appreciate that “free speech” means that controversial and unpopular views get aired, and that such an airing is useful in promoting dialogue, most of the comments fall into the “left” and “right” camp. Folks on the religious right are beside themselves to finally hear their views espoused in a network broadcast, folks on the left seem like they can’t quite grasp the concept of “free speech” and are making noises that such a man shouldn’t be allowed to talk on network television. They are simply not as accustomed as folks on the right are to hearing speech (on a network newscast) that offends their sensibilities.

What I found interesting was that some on the left were very angry that Rohrbough dared “politicize this tragedy.” Well, I agree, sort of. I hate it when anyone uses a tragedy to advance their own agenda. But the folks on the left, so “appalled by Rohrbough’s statement, indicate by their own comments that if only he’d talked about “gun control,” why…that wouldn’t be “politicizing” the event at all…that would just be talking sense!

"I am a Christian and I do not want to serve in a Muslim army."
The Democrats' Hypocrisy


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