The Battle Of The View

Newsbusters is having a contest to see who can accurately predict who will be the next to leave The View and when. They are even offering prizes, although one of them is kinda scary. I don’t know who might be next to go, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the lone conservative on the panel, or one of the reliable liberals, but I do know who I would like to see added to the group.

There has yet to be a replacement announced for the seat left open when Star Jones left. I think a perfect replacement would be Star Parker. It would help to balance the almost entirely liberal cast, while restoring the all important (to liberals) racial balance. As an added bonus, any View “gear” personalized with Star’s name can be recycled. I am not holding my breath, though. The View probably couldn’t handle two conservative women. I am beginning to wonder if they even realize there are as many as two conservative women watching the show. Eventually, there might not be.

Update: I apologize for the bad link — it is now fixed. The Newsbusters contest ends this Wednesday.

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