Reconsidering a few things

Normally, I am a fan of things that are tacky, stupid, and useless. In fact, whenever someone I know takes a trip, I inform them that they are to bring me a souvenir that is cheap, tacky, and useless. (That came back to bite me on the butt once.) My prize such item is a 2″ green rubber Empire State Building.

The least important element of that equation is the “cheap” part. I don’t want people spending a lot of money on these things. It also lets me exclude certain things that, for various and sundry reasons, I loathe. One of them is bobbleheads, another is Elmo.

They’ve finally gotten to me.

After seeing the newest Tickle Me Elmo, I WANT one. I think I might even NEED one. I’ve never seen him on Sesame Street, hope I never will, and used to have the WAV of “Elmo’s song” that ended in automatic weapon fire (“This is the song /la la la la/ Elmo’s song…” “DIE!” RAT-A-TAT-TAT-TAT”), but that TMX is AMAZING. Maybe it’s because in the last cycle, he looks like he’s being tortured (and not some namby-pamby ACLU version of torture, but REAL torture), but I can’t stop laughing at it.

And as far as bobbleheads… not only do I want one of these, but I think I’d put it in my car. Forget Plastic Jesus, I need DASHBOARD MOHAMMED!

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin (who looks fabulous even when she’s not wearing someone else’s bikini — and body) via Howie of the Jawa Report, neither of whom thought to use the term “bomblehead,” so I’m claiming the word as my very own.

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