Terrorists' Excuse Du Jour

Jim Addison pointed me to Jonah Goldberg’s Townhall column “Terrorists’ Excuse Du Jour.” Jim called the piece one of Jonah’s best and I agree. Here’s a portion:

Iraq is the excuse du jour for jihadists. But the important factor is that these are young men looking for an excuse. If you live your life calculating that it’s a mistake to do anything that might prompt murderers and savages to act like murderers and savages, you’ve basically decided to live under their thumb and surrender your civilization in the process.

For me, the truly dismaying news this week didn’t come from the NIE but from the German media. A German opera house announced that it would cancel its staging of Mozart’s “Idomeneo” because Berlin police concluded that staging the opera – which includes a scene in which Jesus, Buddha, Poseidon and Muhammad are beheaded – would pose an “incalculable security risk” from jihadists. Germany, recall, proudly opposed the Iraq war – but still narrowly missed a Spain-style terrorist attack on its rail system this summer.

A leading Muslim spokesman in Germany explained that he was all for free speech, as long as it didn’t offend Muslims. The Germans’ all-too-typical appeasement of terrorism no doubt makes them “safer” and “creates” fewer terrorists.

Even if the entire world were to convert to Islam en mass, jihadists still wouldn’t be satisfied. They would manage to find something that would offend their Muslim sensibilities — somewhere in the world someone won’t be devout enough to their liking. Those on the left have not yet learned that it is impossible to appease our way to safety and security. Jihadists are jihadists because they cannot be appeased.

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