Gas Price Reporting (Or How To Make Good News Sound Bad)

I have not heard one story about falling gas prices that did not either “question the timing” or warn of future increases. Evidently the reporting I have seen is representative, according to Newsbusters:

  • In 35 straight business days of falling gas prices, evening news shows emphasized “high” or “rising” gas prices more often than falling prices.
  • In half the stories where journalists mentioned falling gas prices, they undermined the news with warnings of future price increases.
  • It took NBC three weeks to report falling prices on the “Nightly News.” By that time, the average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline had fallen 24 cents.

Where I live in NC the average price now is about $2.15, but about an hour drive away it is under $2. How much is gas where you live?

Just how stupid are they?
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