Brazilian Airline Says Passenger Plane Missing

It disappeared off the radar. From Reuters:

SAO PAULO, Brazil, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Brazilian airline Gol said on Friday it was trying to locate a passenger plane that disappeared from the radar.

The company said the flight had 155 passengers on board. It was not immediately know how many crew members were on board.

It doesn’t appear to be terrorism. The AP is reporting that the airliner collided with another smaller jet then disappeared from the radar. This report says there were 140 people. Perhaps the report above included the crew.

A Brazilian jetliner with 140 people aboard was reported missing Friday over the Amazon jungle after colliding with a smaller executive jet, aviation authorities said.

Wladamir Caze, spokesman for the Brazilian aviation authority, told The Associated Press that Gol airlines flight 1907 left the jungle city of Manaus and disappeared after a collision.

He did not elaborate but news reports said the plane reportedly struck a Brazilian-made Legacy aircraft near the Serra do Cachimbo, a Para state city about 600 miles southeast of Manaus. The Legacy managed to land. Manaus is about 1,800 miles northwest of Rio.

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