The 2006 Lewinsky

Is it any wonder I am such a fan of Bruce Kesler? Just check out the title of his latest post. “MSM is doing a Lewinsky for Democrats.”

The Monica Lewinsky service to Bill Clinton was marked up to immaturity, vanity and self-serving by both, compounded by denial, in an act lacking respect for basic standards of behavior. That description, and the lack of respect for basic standards, applies to the conduct of our major media in its drive to win the 2006 elections for the Democrats.

As in the lead-up to the 2004 elections, selective leaks, selectively presented, are trumpeted by leading media organizations that seek to reinforce Democrat charges of incompetence and failure in policies to undermine the Bush administration and Republicans. Elemental research is not performed, as repeatedly evidenced by the almost immediate factual fisking performed by bloggers. Even when facts are presented refuting the charges, they are ignored, spun, or relegated to passing reference late in the paragraphs.Read it all. I write about the same subject, unfortunately without the Lewinsky reference, at the Examiner today when I ask, “How can we know what to believe?”

Update: A perfect example of what I talk about in my Examiner piece is the way the Giuliani comments about Clinton’s recent 9/11 statements are reported by the AP. Here is an excerpt from the Newsmax report of the comments:

The real fault for 9/11, Giuliani says, lies squarely with the Islamic terrorists. He added, “I think we should stop trying to blame our presidents for 9/11.”

Frequently mentioned as a potential Republican candidate for president in 2008, Giuliani characterized the latest war of words over who is responsible for 9/11 as a distraction. “We should stop this blame thing,” he said. “There’s no blame to be cast on President Bush or President Clinton.”

Giuliani added that he thinks we should stop getting distracted by trying to figure out what American is responsible for the terrorist attacks, saying “Americans didn’t do Sept. 11, the Islamic terrorists did.”

In his remarks during the campaign stop, Giuliani credited President Bush’s aggressive anti-terror policy for the fact the U.S. has not been attacked since 9/11.

“The reality is, thank God, we haven’t been attacked in five years,” Giuliani said. “None of us thought that was possible. We all thought that after 9/11 we would be attacked. I personally thought that many times.”The AP reporter, however, chose to focus exclusively on Giuliani’s defense of Clinton, rather than his condemnation of the “blame game” that Bill Clinton, and later Hillary, engaged in this week, and the AP only gave brief mention to Giuliani’s comments in support of President Bush’s record on terrorism.

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