Katie's Revenge

I realize I’m not the crime blogger around here – or anywhere, for that matter – I’m just the tech guy, but I got a tip the other night about something that’s turning into a rather a big story of the day. I was asked to verify, with my mad Photoshop skills, if a picture was photograph was legitimate. This is the pic:


Yeah, that’s the small version, but the rather large version I had no indication that it was forged, so I thought it looked to me to be real. Photoshops are notorious for being even, and making sure the letters are centered, et cetera. The person who sent me the photo told me the story:

The image below is Anthony Stockelman, the ruthless monster responsible for Katie’s sexual assault and murder. The photo was taken after his conviction, and after a relative of Katie’s managed to leave a permanent reminder of what Stockelman has done- upon his forehead. It seems that the two were serving time in the same jail when a situation allowing them to come into contact with each other occurred.

That situation being a little forehead tattoo action. The person responsible for the tattooing was Katie’s cousin, and the reason Stockelman was in jail was because he raped and killed Katie.

Finding it hard to feel sorry for the guy? In an act to make something out of this atrocity, they built Katie’s Playground, tearing down apartments housing a meth lab, and building a park in her memory. It’s a small measure, fully incapable of bringing a little girl back to life, back to purity, but it helps us cope.

Sort of, I guess, like branding her killer.

UPDATES: First, Lilo added the full-size image, so you can see it in all its glory, and…how’d you miss this? By the way, she’s a righty, just so you know.

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