Get in line, Washington

There are certain political principles and polices that I find I tend to agree with without much reservation. For one, the idea of deporting illegal aliens as quickly as possible — the sooner the better. For another, the supremacy clause of the Constitution — the idea that federal law takes precedent over state or local laws. But I’ve discovered that there is an exception to those where I think that both need to be set aside — and a criminal case in Massachusetts is bringing it to my attention.

In Framingham, Massachusetts, three illegal aliens from Brazil found a nice way to earn a living. They offered to provide the services that Americans just can’t be bothered to do — namely, liposuction operations performed in their apartment. All was going swimmingly until they had a little bit of an oopsie, and — gosh darn it! — one of their patients was so rude and inconsiderate as to up and die on their improvised operating table.

The three are currently charged with murder, but only one of them is still in state custody. The other two have been taken by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. One has already been sent home to Brazil, the other is in Detroit awaiting her own hearing. Only Dr. Feelthin himself is still awaiting trial.

As a general rule, I firmly believe that if you’re here illegally, you ought to have your ass stuffed on the first plane/train/bus/boat/cruise missile back to your homeland and told to get in line behind those who are doing it right and legally. But when you break our other laws to boot, especially when serious injury or death is involved, I think you ought to spend a little more time here in the US — as a guest of the penal system, preferably turning big rocks into small rocks — before being sent back home, and back home for good. But to simply deport those accused of serious crimes before trial means they can just come back here under a new identity, hoping they don’t get connected to their prior offenses.

It’s too late for one of the three people accused of killing Fabiola DePaula — she’s home and scot-free. But we still have two of them in custody. Let them stand trial, serve their sentence if convicted, and THEN sent back to Brazil — never to return.

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