Marching For A Caliphate


This is hard to believe, but Moonbat Media posted the picture above, taken at a British anti-war protest, of a granny marching for a caliphate. Link via Michelle Malkin who has more. Does granny have a clue what that means?

Laura Lee Donoho reminds us that there would be no Project Runway in a caliphate. There would also be no cool Gap commercials with Audrey Hepburn dancing to AC/DC’s “Back in Black.” (Sorry for the strange reference, but I just saw that commercial while watching Prison Break and it is really cool.) In spite of the great importance of Project Runway and AC/DC music commercials, it is also worth mentioning that there would be no Easter or Christmas or Hannukah, nor any displays of female immodesty such as exposed ears or elbows. On the upside, there would likely be some new sports — stoning and beheading come immediately to mind. I apologize for being so flip, but I just find it hard to believe there are people, little British grannies at that, ready to wecome a caliphate. Wake up people!

Be sure to check out the “faces” and “banners” at the Moonbat Media site.

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