What a Richard

Once again, former State Department official and Colin Powell protege Richard Armitage is in the news. On the heels of the revelations that it was he — and not Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, or one of the Bush twins — that sought out columnist Robert Novak and made sure he knew that former ambassador Joseph Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, worked for the CIA, we have the president of Pakistan saying that it was Armitage who, right after 9/11, called him and informed President Musharraf that he was now our ally in the war against terror — or else his country would be “bombed back to the Stone Age.”

President Bush says he authorized no such message to be delivered, and Armitage himself denies it. But considering Dick’s history of saying all sorts of dramatic things, I’m starting to wonder how this particular dipshit reached such high levels of government.

Oh, never mind. It was the State Department. That place that must have the Peter Principle engraved on every war.

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