The Curious “Anti-Racism” of the Radical Left

Pound for pound, the “political newsletter” Counterpunch is surely one of the zanier “websites” on Al Gore’s World-Wide Web. Run by Stalinoid conspiracy theorist Alexander Cockburn, Counterpunch presents a treasure trove of unhinged far-left rants, many of which take aim at the nefarious “Zionist lobby.”

This radical “website’s” fixation with anti-Israel apologetics demonstrates the curious “anti-racism” of the self-proclaimed progressive left. As everyone with a pulse knows, leftists constantly bleat about how gosh darn opposed to racism they are: They’re so dedicated to rooting out prejudice that they even invent examples of it merely to make formal displays of their virtue.

Yet, oddly enough, one particularly noxious brand of racism seems very much off their radar screens; try as they might, these leftists simply can’t find examples of it. You see, to the loveable lunatics at Counterpunch and kindred organs of left-wing radicalism, certain types of racism permeate the world, but there’s no such thing as anti-Semitism.

Take, for example, the tellingly titled Counterpunch article “From the New ‘Anti-Semitism’ to Nuclear Holocaust,” which was penned by one Jonathan Cook, a regular contributor to the “site,” whose irrational rants routinely defend anti-Semitism at its most vile. In this morally obtuse, factually challenged column, Mr. Cook “argues” that contemporary charges of anti-Semitism are ineluctably an insidious Zionist ploy. To Mr. Cook, it seems, anti-Semitism, like unicorns, doesn’t exist.

To this end, this pseudo-journalist-cum-degenerate informs us:

…Israeli politicians concentrated their attention on the two European countries with the largest Jewish populations, Britain and France, both of which also have significant numbers of immigrant Muslims. They highlighted a supposed rise in anti-Semitism in these two countries in the hope of attracting their Jewish populations to Israel.

Ah, so concerns about anti-Semitism is merely a scheme to maintain a Jewish majority in Israel, with which those evil Jews can oppress their peaceable Palestinian neighbors? Can an argument get any more revolting than that?

Note, dear reader, that Mr. Cook refers to the “supposed rise in anti-Semitism” in Britain and France. This isn’t just obtuse, it’s bad journalism: Government reports from these two countries have demonstrated a marked rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the last few years. But Mr. Cook ignores such reports, in favor of anecdotal evidence supposedly questioning the very existence of anti-Semitism in Europe.

With Mr. Cook engaging in so many willful distortions and mental gymnastics in order to defend anti-Semites, one might reasonably wonder what kind of animus toward Jews he harbors. But the unhinged nonsense of Mr. Cook isn’t our major concern. Rather, we find his tortured illogic typical of the radical left’s curiously selective understanding of “anti-racism.”

Just imagine, dear reader, if someone argued that American blacks always use trumped-up charges of racism for sordid gains–more preferential treatment, reparations, bigger welfare checks, &c. Imagine if someone argued that Muslims always use trumped-up charges of racism to weaken the West’s resolve and make it easier to conquer.

Mind you, such a critic–like Mr. Cook in regard to anti-Semitism–would have to gainsay the very existence of anti-black and anti-Muslim sentiment. Exactly how long would it take our “progressive” pals–at Counterpunch and elsewhere–to label these deeply racist views? Less than the time it takes Michael Moore to polish off a doughnut?

For some reason, however, these same radical lefties don’t show such concern about anti-Semitism. To the feverish left-wing mind, anti-black racism is omnipresent, anti-Muslim sentiment is everywhere. But anti-Semitism? There’s no such thing.

What chutzpah.

(Note: The crack young staff normally “weblog” over at “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” where they are currently contemplating the possibility that Alexander Cockburn was drawn to radical politics due to the rough childhood he experienced as a result of his unfortunate surname.)

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