More On The UN Moonbat Meltdown

My Friday column is up at Townhall. Here is an excerpt:

I have never heard any Democrat leaders refer to the President as “the devil,” but some have said he is a liar responsible for concocting a war resulting in the killing of innocent civilians in foreign countries in order to gain political advantage and to enrich his oil buddies. A leader who would intentionally mislead his citizens, and permit his country’s sons and daughters to die for a lie or to line the pockets of his rich friends sounds like a devil to me – even without the references to sulphur.

I can’t help but wonder if Democrats will rethink their own rhetoric now or if they will fall back into attack mode in a day or so. Certainly hearing so many of their talking points come out of the mouths of two lunatics would be enough for pause.

But then again, we have heard much of the same spouted by the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden and that has not reduced the level of rhetoric among the American Left against this President. Over the past five years they have repeatedly sided with murderous lunatics against George Bush, and I doubt that is going to change overnight.

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