Detainee Interrogation Compromise Roundup

Well, a compromise on the detainee interrogations is afoot, and bloggers are weighing in.

AJ Strata:

It seems that I was correct, all that talk about Bush capitulating to McCain and Graham and other lost Republican Senators was pure spin. Since Bush and Hayden are cheering the ‘compromise’ for clarifying what is legal actions in aggressive interrogations, defining the vague Geneva Convention McCain and Graham and Powell all said should never be clarified, I cannot help but conclude Bush won again.

Mary Katharine Ham:

We’re discussing the War on Terror, the war in Iraq, and how best to protect American citizens through immigration laws and interrogation guidelines, and virtually the entire debate can be held without the Democrats showing up. Doesn’t bode well the agenda of the would-be Democrat-controlled Congress.

Stop the ACLU:

Plus we need to remember that this is now the “worst case” bill because it still needs to go to Conference with the House. As such, we get one more chance to take a bite at the apple and bring it further to the right.

Greg Tinti:

Also, the deal would also allow the CIA to continue to run secret prisons overseas. Well, semi-secret now, I guess.

Dan Riehl:

If the CIA likes it, I like it. And when I say watch them scream, I don’t mean the enemy combatants / terrorists, I couldn’t care less about them. It’s the Liberals screaming about the deal that’s fun to watch.

It’s amazing when you think about it, that a political ideology would seem so intent on bringing on its own demise by giving a dangerous and unprincipled enemy a free pass – but that’s Liberalism, folks. No doubt their feeling tortured tonight by the compromise. Now all the Dems have to do is try to block it and they will solidify their image as soft on terror. And the netroots will torture them if they don’t take a strong stand.

Poor Dems, they probably thought they’d be cruising toward control of both Houses righht about now. Instead they are wringing their hands wondering how to get elected without letting people know what they really believe. At least for today, political life is sweet for conservatives. But will it last?

Time will tell.

Allahpundit is not optimistic:

The more I read, the less I think this was some major victory for Bush…

The only unambiguously positive provision there is the first bolded part eliminating causes of action arising out of Geneva itself. I’m assuming that in addition to the vague nonsense about “serious and non-transitory harm,” the statute’s going to list some of the specific procedures that categorically do not constitute “grave” breaches of the War Crimes Act, e.g., belly slaps and so forth. If so, then the interrogators will be ok; they can stick to the defined procedures and be confident in the legality of their acts or, if they need to stray from the script with a recalcitrant detainee, they can fall back on the vague standards and conform their behavior as best they can. If there’s no specific list of authorized procedures then they’re in limbo. All they’ll have is that “serious and non-transitory” standard to guide them.

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