A Hip Homicidal Apocalyptic Lunatic?

From Matthew Yglesias via Hotline’s Blogometer:

I keep talking about this with people in real life, but it deserves a blog mention as well — Mahmoun Ahmadinejad has a pretty sweet hipster style. It all starts with a beard not unlike the one I and many of my twentysomething male friends sport. But it goes deeper. The man went without a tie to address the UN General Assembly. And I was in a bar where the TV was showing his interview with Anderson Cooper (it’s DC, these things happen) and while there was no sound, he certainly looked witty and charming. There was also this clip of him walking down some hallway shooting the shit with Kofi Annan. It’s like diplomacy! Bush should try it. One gets the sense that he’s getting his stody red tie-wearing ass kicked this session by sundry third world goons and it’s really not a proud moment for the United States.

Sorry, but I can’t even begin to know what to say about that. My jaw is still on the floor.

Okay, I do have something to say about it, but it is extremely superficial. I can’t stand those “can’t grow a real beard” excuses for a beard. I know there are some guys that look good wearing them, but frankly all I think of when I see those “beards” now is Kevin Federline. Sorry, but I can’t even begin to address the bigger issue of how anyone could look at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and see anything but a raving lunatic. As for “proud moments,” Mr. Yglesias certainly did not experience one with this post.

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