The Democratic Party and Jews

Ed Lasky has what is likely to be a controversial piece at The American Thinker about the Democratic Party and Jews. In it he goes into specifics pertaining to individual politicians and anti-semitism, and what a Democrat controlled House might mean for American Jews and Israel.

The Democratic Party has been a congenial political home for many American Jews since the era of FDR. The party welcomed them into its ranks (along with many blacks and urban dwellers) and its programs comported well with many values Jews cherish. The Party was also seen as one that had offered help to the doomed Jews of Europe, opposed prejudice, and supported the fledgling state of Israel from enemies that boasted of its plans to destroy the state.

Conversely, the Republican Party was perceived to be a WASP enclave, isolationist in its outlook, and weak on support for Israel (though George C. Marshall under the Truman Administration advocated abandoning Israel to the tender mercies of its Arab neighbors).

However, these views are now anachronistic and need to be revisited.And revisit them he does — and he spares no one.

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