White House Reaction to Chavez’ Speech

Mario Loyola at The Corner believes the White House is making a mistake by not responding to Hugo Chavez’ insults:

The White House responded only to say that the comments were not worth responding to. I do not agree. A latter-day Mussolini just referred to the President of the United States as “the devil” — to general applause, laughter, and merriment in the General Assembly of the United Nations — an organization we created to make the defeat of fascism permanent in our world. By insisting on the universality of the Organization, and not insisting on any standards for membership, President Harry Truman bequeathed a pulpit of “unique legitimacy” to our worst enemies, to mock us and incite the world against us, from right in the middle of our greatest city.

Pretending like this is not worth responding to smacks of submissiveness. In Latin America, being dignified and soft-spoken only makes you look like a pushover. Chavez is a devious charlatan and a talented idiot, a danger to himself and his country more than to us, and the President should say so.

I have to say I agree.

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