An Incentive From RNC Chairman Mehlman

Earlier Kim reminded readers that there are only hours left in the 15 day Rightroots challenge to get 100 contributions for each of the 21 Rightroots candidates. RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman has just added a very attractive incentive to reach that goal. If Rightroots meets its September goal to support each of its 21 candidates by midnight tonight, Chairman Mehlman will send an e-mail to the RNC’s entire list of millions of activists asking them to support the Rightroots candidates. He says Rightroots is a great example of how blogger-based activism will help us keep the majority in the House and Senate and that the RNC is proud to support the effort.

If you have not yet, please consider contributing to those candidates that have not yet hit the 100 mark, even if all you can contribute is a small amount. The Rightroots main page lists the number of contributions each candidate has received during the 15 day challenge, along with the total dollar amounts for each candidate. Please visit now and help if you can.

Update: Thanks for helping Rightroots reach its goal!

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