Remember — The Anthrax Attacks

Michelle Malkin reminded me that today is the five year anniversary of the anthrax attacks that claimed five lives. She has an excellent post with lots of pictures and links that jogged my memory. I remember being extra careful during that time when I opened my mail. What it reminded me most of though was what the President and his administration were dealing with leading up to the decision to remove Saddam Hussein.

What might have been lost in the debate over what constitutes stockpiles of WMD is that the decision was made not only in the shadow of 9/11, but in the shadow of the anthrax attacks. There was a real fear of what damage even just one briefcase full of anthrax passed to a terrorist cell in the United States could do. Those responsible for the anthrax attacks were never caught. It is probably not something most think about often these days, especially compared to 9/11 and all the horrible acts of terrorism we have seen since, but it is something we should never forget.

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