For at least a couple months now, the oh-so-worthy (former LT, now LT CDR) SMASH has been regularly calling on (I won’t say “confronting,” because he’s been way too polite in his meetings) the Code Pink protesters outside Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. He’s been respectful, non-confrontational, thoughtful, decent, and civil in his conduct (going by his own reports, of course, but I’ll gladly take his word for it). He’s introduced himself and asked them to explain and elaborate on their position, discussing matters with them, and in general been far more civilized than any self-respecting person should be with such deliberate asshats.

Well, that’s all over. While he was also giving them every opportunity to explain themselves and justify their actions and, in general, prove themselves as worthy of the slightest respect, he was also laying the groundwork for his big confrontation. I get the impression that at every step of the way, he was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, and giving them every chance to avoid it, like a good military man he was hoping for the best while planning for the worst.

For weeks, SMASH has heard them speak. On Friday, the tables were turned, and they had to listen to him. And I bet they really, REALLY didn’t like hearing what he had to say.

SMASH, I didn’t think it possible, but you’ve made me tremendously grateful that people like you and your brothers and sisters wear our nation’s uniform and serve as honorably as you do, and even prouder to call you a fellow blogger.

Lead on, Lieutenant Commander. I’m no Major Pain, but I’m proud to stand by you in the blogosphere.

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