So long, Sony

If I owned stock in Sony, I’d sell it. Now.

It wasn’t bad enough when they had their CDs installing root kits on computers, now they’ve REALLY got a PR disaster on their hands.

They pissed off one of the biggest mouths in the Blogosphere.

As anyone who has ever read Lair’s stuff, he’s incredibly dedicated to his cats. Well, as he was getting ready to leave on a trip, a rogue chihuahua spooked Frisky into fleeing, and hadn’t come back by the time Lair had to leave. So he set up his Sony wireless webcam to monitor the entrance for Frisky’s return.

Shortly after he left, the camera froze up on him. He’s several hours from home, Frisky’s AWOL, and he can’t even keep an eye on things.

If anyone around the Houston area happens to see a certain orange fluffball with a scholarly look and a fondness for butter and parmesan, let Lair know.

And if you happen to see a certain loose chihuahua, said chihuahua’s owner, or a horribly-mangled Sony wireless webcam, feel free to give them a kick.

Update: Frisky’s safe and will be home soon.

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