Good old fashioned New England family values in action

I’ve often felt that New Hampshire was an island surrounded by a sea of lunatics. While I’ve focused a lot of attention to the Massholes to our south — partly because they’re the most populous New England state, partly because they’re just that much more whacko — every now and then I’m reminded that in addition to the Massholes, we have Vermonsters to our west, Hosers to the north, and Maineiacs to our east.

And this morning, I’m reminded most forcefully of why I call them Maineiacs.

A 19-year-old woman in Maine told her parents that she had gotten herself pregnant. She added that she intended to get an abortion. And her parents reacted in a calm, reasoned, loving, supportive manner.

They promptly tied her up and started driving her across New England.

It’s not clear just what the parents’ agenda was, or what grand plan they possessed them to drive from North Yarmouth, Maine to Salem, New Hampshire with a hog-tied pregnant teen and a rifle. The Salem aspect especially confuses me — I know Salem pretty well, and there’s not much reason for someone coming from Maine to head that way. Normally, if you’re trying to get away from Maine, you hop on 95, cut through New Hampshire along the seacoast, and keep going south. Or you cross New Hampshire and hit Vermont — but there’s no interstate highway that runs east-west in New Hampshire. Salem is right on the Massachusetts border and right off 93, but kind of out of the way when fleeing Maine.

Anyway, the couple is in jail on kidnapping charges, the daughter is safe and free, and lord knows what’s going to happen next.

Update: Now the story is that the PARENTS wanted the abortion, and were taking her to New York for the procedure against her will. It just gets stranger and stranger…

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