Exercises in futility

On Tuesday, Massachusetts voters will go to the polls (well, some of them) and choose who will be on the ballot come November. One of the races that has received little attention has been the Republican duel for the United States Senate. Two candidates, Kevin Scott and Kevin Chase, are both vying for the chance to unseat the Commonwealth’s senior senator.

That’s right. They are actually fighting over who gets to be Senator Ted Kennedy’s (D-Chivas) next speed bump as he careens towards another six years of thoroughly screwing the country over, not content to call it quits after 44 years, sending him off the bridge to re-election and straight into the tidal pond of retirement.

For some, challenging Ted Kennedy is a way of scoring points with Bay State Republicans. Mitt Romney took him on in 1994, and went on to be elected governor in 2002 and is now seriously considering a run for the presidency. On the other hand, Jack E. Robinson was the 2000 challenger, and he’s largely considered a joke in Massachusetts.

I don’t know a damned thing about Scott or Chase, and quite frankly don’t care who gets to be this cycle’s token sacrificial lamb. But I find myself hoping that whoever wins recalls Ted Kennedy’s Boston Globe interview from last summer, when the bloviating, besotted behemoth said the following:

“This is a difficult and challenging profession. No one should come to it lightly. As it should be. People have to be held accountable, professionally, and the public is looking at it in terms of private lives, as well. Everything is fair game.” (Emphasis added)

Let’s face it. Teddy’s gonna win with at least 65% of the vote. But wouldn’t it be great political theatre if Mr. Scott or Mr. Chase decided to take a kamikaze approach and try to inflict as much damage on Teddy as they could on the way down? They could spend an hour just listing all the man’s failings and flaws (alcoholism, negligent homicide, kicked out of college for cheating, alcoholism, rampant infidelities, greed, hypocricy, alcoholism, womanizing, and did I mention alcoholism?.

Hell, just bring up three recent incidents that highlight the Lion Of Liberalism’s rampant hypocrisy on taxes. While he repeatedly backs people paying more to the federal government:

  • He had his mother declared a resident of Florida to avoid Massachusetts estate taxes, despite her not having left the Bay State in well over a decade.
  • He had to pay hefty back taxes after it was revealed he had declared his DC home his “primary residence” for tax purposes, essentially nullifying his Massachusetts residency — and, consequently, disqualifying himself from representing the state in the Senate.
  • Massachusetts has a two-tiered income tax. The base rate is 5.3%, but those who feel they “owe” the state more can choose to file at the 5.8% level. Less than one one-hundredth of one percent of taxpayers choose to pay more — and neither senator, Kennedy or John Forbes Kerry, choose to pay that higher rate.

Go for it, gentlemen. You know you’re going to lose. Why not tear a hunk or two out of that overstuffed, unregenerate swine on the way down?

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