The War Matters, Katie Couric Does Not

Americans think very highly of themselves, and many of us use that belief in their self-importance to justify all sorts of boorish behavior. Our celebrities travel the globe and act as if their personal opinion is divine and perfect in wisdom, when examination often reveals a poor education and an indoctrination in sophomoric rhetoric. Our “spiritual” leaders are no better, as they not only try to teach us to live more peaceful and fulfilling lives, but feel free to speak about economics and political conditions without even a basic comprehension of the subject matter. And then there are the politicians, those men and women who make snake-oil salesmen and motorcycle gangs look wholesome and trustworthy in comparison. These people are obviously bright, persuasive individuals – who seem for the most part to care nothing for any responsibility or commitment unless and until there is something in it for them to gain.

But the war for America’s fickle attention rages on; everything gets ignored until someone glamorous mentions it. The twice-elected President of the United States talks in detail about what we are doing in Iraq and why, but it’s George “Me-Time” Clooney who gets attention. We have literally dozens of active-duty military writing about the war, but the press follows Cindy “Martyr” Sheehan in her mindless quest. Hundreds of Iraqis and Afghans could tell us about the threat from Islamofasicm, but it’s a bloody-handed terrorist leader who is invited to the National Cathedral, and to speak at Harvard. Not long ago, dozens of terrorists were arrested while trying to put together another plan to kill, quite literally, thousands of innocent people, but a major political party is demanding we return to the complacency of 1993.

I support the troops” does not mean quitting because the fight is tough or long.

Don’t question my patriotism” is nothing but spineless evasion if you cheer for people who want to kill Americans.

Bush lied” is a baseless lie, shouted by people who do not want anyone to look too closely into their own closet.

Here’s the score:

George W. Bush is the President of the United States. Him, no one else. You either back him up or you are not supporting America. Yes, he earned that support, by getting elected. Like it or not, it comes with the job.

We have a military to defend us against our enemies. That means hunting down and killing the bastards, over on their land if we can do so. That’s how you win wars. For those who still do not understand, ask an adult who Patton, Grant, or Washington were.

We are at war. No, we are not at fault. No, running away will not make them like us. No, wishing we could live in some fantasy Utopia will not change reality. It’s time to grow up.

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