Deconstructing Rosie

Check out today’s Vent with Michelle Malkin and another of my favorite bloggers, Mary Katharine Ham.

Today, they deconstruct the ridiculous statement Rosie O’Donnell made on the The View the other day that “radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam.” No it isn’t, Rosie.


On a related note, the Pope gave an amazing speech Tuesday in which he discussed the fundamental differences between Christianity and Islam. Jeff Israely of Time magazine covered the speech. Here’s an interesting paragraph:

His discourse Tuesday sought to delineate what he sees as a fundamental difference between Christianity’s view that God is intrinsically linked to reason (the Greek concept of logos) and Islam´s view that “God is absolutely transcendent.” Benedict said that Islam teaches that God’s “will is not bound up with any of our categories, even that of rationality.” The risk he sees implicit in this concept of the divine is that the irrationality of violence can potentially be justified if someone believes it is God’s will. “As far as understanding of God and thus the concrete practice of religion is concerned, we find ourselves faced with a dilemma which nowadays challenges us directly. Is the conviction that acting unreasonably contradicts God’s nature merely a Greek idea, or is it always and intrinsically true?”

Update: RightWingSparkle has a great post that also delineates the differences between Christianity and Islam.

First of all, make no mistake about it, when Rosie refers to “radical Christians” she is referring to people like me. Don’t think for a moment that she was referring to the likes of Fred Phelps. She was referring to Christians like myself who don’t want to see gay marriage, who are against abortion, and live our lives according to our faith.

Let me get straight to the bottom line here. FACT: If Rosie lived under radical Islam they would seek to torture and kill her. FACT: There is not a true Christian organization that would seek or condone any harm to anyone who is gay in this country, including Pat Robertson, Dr. James Dobson, and the Catholic Church.

Not only would we not harm anyone who is gay, we would stand at the gate and fight to death anyone who tried to harm, torture, or kill an innocent person who happened to be gay.

Rosie doesn’t understand who her allies really are.

Darn, I knew I forgot something...
So, what the hell has Jay Tea been up to lately?


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