9/11 Humor?

A tipster sent us a link to a YouTube video that really has to be seen to be believed; a video they had been alerted to by their 7-year-old. Since that time the video has been pulled, but it remains available at the directors website. The video, released on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, is allegedly an attempt at humor at the expense of the memories of the thousands who were murdered at the World Trade Center. I say “allegedly” because, even after repeated viewings, I’ve yet to find anything remotely approaching funny. Since I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to view the video this evening I’ll give you the condensed version with screenshots…

The piece is supposed to be a pitch for investors in a Ground Zero recreation in sunny Los Angeles called Ground One.


The site is supposed to be finished with Phase I, and heading into Phase II where they’ll need to import millions of tons of material to give the flavor of the original.


But wait, there will be attractions, A terror waterslide, an IMAX screen, a 110-story bungee-jump of death, and a My Pet Goat petting zoo…


And that’s about it…

The caper on the humor-deficient video is the extended rationalization for making and posting the video by directory Andy Cochrane. It’s all your fault if you’re offended, sickened, etc. by this tasteless piece of drivel…

A view from the middle
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