Hamadi: Once an Islamofascist, Always an Islamofascist


According to Fox News, Mohammed Ali Hamadi, mastermind of the 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847 where he killed US Navy diver Robert Dean Stetham, has rejoined Hezbollah as an active operative. Germany released Hamadi in December 2005, in spite of pleas from US officials to not parole him.

Just days after Hamadi’s return to Lebanon, kidnappers in Iraq* released a German prisoner. US officials aren’t ruling out that the two are connected.

I’ll post more information as soon as I find it.

*I changed the phrase “Iraqi hostage takers” to “kidnappers in Iraq” for clarity. I don’t know if those who kidnapped the German man were actually Iraqi.

Thank You, Emilio Karim Dabul
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