More Brilliant Commentary From The Chicks

What do you do when your record sales are suffering, you have to cancel concerts due to slow sales, and you couldn’t construct a coherent sentence if your life depended on it? You call the President a “dumb f*%$” of course. When the Dixie Chicks trashed the President on foreign soil, then later trashed the country fans that had made them multi-millionaires, I was embarrassed for them because they did not seem to know beans about Iraq or the terrorist threat or politics or much of anything else except music. But mostly I was just sad because I really loved their music.

I can honestly say though that I have not missed them one bit. New acts like Sugarland, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town and The Wreckers have more than taken the place of the Chicks. For country music fans that choose their music by their politics (something I don’t normally do, except when an artist puts the music secondary to the political agenda, as the Chicks have done) there are plenty of other alternatives including Sara Evans, who Kim blogged about below. Evans is not only a friend of Delay, but is a good friend and frequent guest of Sean Hannity, and her husband was a Republican candidate for Congress. I owned two of her CDs before knowing of her political leanings. I do have one problem with her though, everytime she is on television I have to hear my husband talk about how hot she is.

Kevin adds: Lorie’s husband has a point…

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