I Love Mike Bouchard!

How I wish I could vote for him in November, but I’m not a registered voter in Michigan. So, I’m imploring Michigan voters to pull the lever for Mike this November and unseat Sen. Debbie “free speech for me but not for thee” Stabenow.

He’s got a great Townhall column today about the virtues of taxcuts for a strong economy. Here’s a portion:

The recent Labor Day weekend marked the 36th straight month that the US economy has added jobs. Unemployment in the United States is below the average of recent years. In almost every state in the country, the economy is humming along at near full employment and employers report they are having a hard time filling all the positions they have.

My home state, Michigan, is not one of them.

While the rest of the nation enjoys a 4.7 percent unemployment rate, Michigan’s unemployment rate is at 7 percent. Since August of 2003, 5.7 million new jobs have been created in the rest of the country, but in Michigan we’re continuing to struggle. And our future isn’t looking any rosier.

Although the reasons for Michigan’s malaise are varied, one big reason is our state’s almost uniquely uncompetitive tax structure, which one General Motors official called the costliest of all jurisdictions where GM operates.

As Ronald Reagan understood, the difference between a good tax structure and a poor one has a very real impact not only on how much money we have in our pockets every April 15th, but whether we have a job to support our families in the first place. According to the Tax Foundation, if Michigan were to eliminate its Single Business Tax, our unique and arcane method for taxing businesses, we would have the best business climate in the region.

And he’s got a sense of humor. Check out his newest commercial. Hat tip Mary Katharine.

If you’d like to see Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard become US Senator Mike Bouchard, donate to Mike’s campaign through Rightroots now.

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