The Path To 9/11

I watched the first hour of The Path to 9/11, but my kids want me to watch HGTV with them to see who won Design Star, so I am taking a break from the movie. It was actually pretty good timing because I was not getting into the superhero treatment Richard Clarke was getting. Sorry, but I have seen too much of the real Richard Clarke to buy that as an accurate depiction. The movie is pretty good so far though. Anyone watching who wants to comment can use this thread.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a post showing the disclaimer that ran at the beginning of the movie.

Update II: Watching the past 30 minutes of the movie (10 – 10:30) what I found most interesting is how many times viewers are reminded that the terrorists hated us years before W took office. There are scenes of Clinton being burned in effigy, being referred to as the Great Satan and having his likeness shot at on a big screen. There are also references from terrorists that when Clinton sent cruise missiles to hit Osama that is when the war began. I wonder if anyone watching will decide that Clinton’s missile attacks were to blame for riling the terrorists. They shouldn’t, and they won’t. They hated us long before that. It is amazing though, how many will buy the line that Bush’s action in Iraq is what really made the terrorists mad.

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