Profiles in derangement

Earlier this morning. Lorie Byrd put up a piece mentioning that a recently-unearthed and translated document from Saddam’s government in Iraq stated that they had an agent working within the Associated Press. There was no editorializing, no opinionating, no politicizing, just a simple statement of known facts and a link to another site.

But that was apparently enough to set off one deranged psychopath.

One whackjob named “Trinary Suka” (perhaps the “trinary” refers to how many personalities inhabit that one body) saw a mention that an AP reporter might have been supplementing his or her income with some blood money from Saddam and thought immediately of the perfect response:

A laundry list of “Republican pedophilia.”

As I’m reading through this list, I’m having several thoughts:

1) Who are these people?

2) How the hell am I going to keep my breakfast down?

3) Who are these people?

4) At least half of these have to be “arrested for” or “charged with” instead of “convicted of” or “pleaded guilty to.”

5) Who are these people?

6) This asshat doesn’t provide a single link or cite a single source for these explosive, potentially libelous allegations.

7) Who are these people?

8) Oh, there’s a familiar name. Strom Thurmond. When he was 22, he fathered a child on his family’s black 15-year-old maid. Thurmond didn’t become a Republican for almost 40 years after that.

9) Why no mention of Congressmen Gerry Studds, who seduced a male underage page and was censured by the House for it? Oh, yeah, he was a Democrat.

10) Who are these people?


“Trinary” threatens to “use it against you” if we delete his comments. I still might, because as I said, he didn’t offer the slightest evidence to back up his very potent accusations. Further, it’s completely off-topic and irrelevant.

Instead, I’ll just note that “Trinary Suka” has a rather extensive history of moonbattery AND his/her IP has been duly noted and logged for any future necessity.

And I might delete his little “laundry list” that he/she/it apparently cuts and pastes whenever he/she/it feels like it. I’m going to have to think about this for a little while. It’s a matter of weighing its value as prima facie evidence of the obsessive insanity of some of the Left.

(Update: After some thought, I went back and deleted the listing. If anyone is really interested in the details, SilverSeaOtter apparently found where the idiot cut and pasted his laundry list from. It’s just not going to be posted here on Wizbang.)

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