No one discusses the donkey in the room

This morning’s Boston Globe features a column by Joan Venocchi, and once again she provides an excellent example of the best the Boring Broadsheet has to offer — and just why that paper’s revenues and circulation are tanking.

She discusses the three major candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor of Massachusetts, and how each of them would follow up on Mitt Romney’s four-year tenure. She describes the past few years of Bay State history as such:

Major corporations are leaving Massachusetts. New jobs are generated beyond Bay State borders. Population here is declining. Property taxes are rising. And it all happened under the watch of Mitt Romney, a businessman-turned-governor who promised to lead Massachusetts to the entrepreneurial promised land.

All true. All indisputable facts. All accurate.

And woefully incomplete.

Yes, Mitt Romney is a Republican. yes, he has been governor since 2002.

And at no point in his term did he ever have enough Republicans in either house of the legislature to sustain his vetos.

The current Massachusetts Senate is 34 Democrats, 6 Republicans. In the House, it’s even worse — 138 Democrats, 22 Republicans. That’s 85% and 86.5% respectively. One out of five Democrats can stay home on any given day, and the remaining 80% of them will STILL have more than enough votes to override Romney’s vetos and pass whatever legislation they wish.

Romney has managed a few triumphs, and suffered quite a few defeats. He took on an impossible task — to single-handedly bring sanity and responsibility to a state government that (rightly) sees such concepts as mortal threats, and reacts accordingly.

But to mention the complete dominance of the Democrats in Massachusetts would be to recognize the donkey in the room that everyone can see and no one wants to discuss. The main reason why businesses are leaving and taxes are rising (although one can give a healthy dose of credit for the former to the latter) is, by and large, the Democratic legislature. They are the ones who keep raising the taxes, refusing cutbacks, and finding new and innovative ways to take and spend the people’s money.

Just don’t anyone tell Ms. Venocchi. It’ll shatter her carefully-crafted illusory world where there HAS to be a Republican somewhere to blame for all the world’s ills, and the bad Democrats can be safely ignored.

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