Chris Matthews’ Plame Coverage

I don’t watch Hardball anymore so I was not aware that Chris Matthews had stopped reporting on the Plame story when it became clear that Armitage was the leaker. He ended his Plame blackout Friday night with the mother of all conspiracy theories. I wonder if it the lifting of the Plame embargo had anything to do with the conversation with Matthew Sheffield reported at Newsbusters.

Q: So I’ve noticed you haven’t done anything on the whole Valerie Plame story since the Armitage story broke. Why not invite Joe Wilson on the show to defend himself?

A: Because he’d say basically the same thing he always says. ‘My wife had no involvement in getting me the mission.’ He’d just repeat it over and over.

Q: Maybe, but isn’t it at least worth showing your viewers that this guy has no credibility considering how much you talked about the story before? Shouldn’t he be held accountable for wasting all our time? Why not invite one of his representatives or defenders on the show?

A: Well, the story’s just gotten so complicated. I mean, it’s just such a mess. Because what if it’s true that Armitage was the source, but those other guys [presumably Rove and Scooter Libby], also were leakers, what then?Read the rest of the conversation at Newsbusters, including a statement that reveals Matthews’ Cheney obsession. Too complicated? I guess things get complicated when every other piece of evidence and testimony contradicts that of Joe Wilson’s fantasy so many liberals had committed to memory. Matthews was right about one thing — it is certainly a mess.

Update: Hangright Politics linked to this shocking AP story posted at MSNBC:

For three years, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald knew the answer to one of the biggest questions in Washington: Who leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame?

Now that former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage acknowledged this week that he was the leaker, the new question is what Fitzgerald has been looking for during a quest that rattled the White House and sent a reporter to jail.I read the entire story waiting for the Matthews like conspiracy theories to be suggested, but they weren’t. (That is why I described the story as shocking.) If anything, the more I read the worse Fitzpatrick looked. Definitely read this one all the way through.

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