Thwack! Will Democrats Never Learn?

In my column at Townhall today, I take a look at the behavior of Democrats over the past five years in the debate over national security and the war in Iraq.

Following September 11 there was an outpouring of unity from those in government. Even the most partisan of politicians realized we faced an enemy that required them to work with their political opponents to mount an effective fight. Many congressional Democrats, and other leaders in the Democratic party, have not only abandoned that commitment to unity, but have chosen to put short term political gain ahead of the long term goal of national security. Americans should be outraged by this.

While I am outraged, I am also finding the Democrats’ strategy a bit amusing as many of the positions they have invested so much in have blown up in their faces.

• It was Joe Wilson’s claim that Bush lied about the “16 words” that started the “Bush lied” mantra in the debate over Iraq. Democrats invested a lot in Wilson’s story of an administration so consumed by a desire for vengeance that they would sacrifice national security by outing a covert agent. Those in the media ran with Wilson’s version of the story.

Thwack! Over the summer Robert Novak broke his silence about the matter revealing the information he had given the independent counsel which contradicted Wilson’s story. Later it was reported that Richard Armitage was the original leaker, not someone in the White House or a supporter of the war in Iraq. Democrats who had invested so much in the story were left looking like dupes. That is only the first of four examples I list. Please read them all. I am not saying the strategy of attacking the commander-in-chief in a time of war did not win the Demcrats political points. They have succeeded in hiding their lack of a plan by attacking everything the President supports. I am saying that the truth is catching up to them. It might not be fast enough to catch up by November, but certainly by 2008 voters will know who took a principled stand on the issue of national security and who was just playing politics.

[By the way, the “thwack” represents the sound of Democrats being knocked upside the head with the truth.]

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