Steel Magnolias

Jim at bRight and Early asked me and a few other “Southern ladies” if it is true that war turns Southern women away from the GOP. He asked if this statement is right:

A recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that three out of five Southern women surveyed said they planned to vote for a Democrat in the midterm elections.

You will find the answers from Sister Toldjah, Beth and Debbie at bRight and Early.

My answer is pretty much in line wth all three, especially Sister Toldjah’s, “Hell no!” I guess I could elaborate and explain how in my area there are many military bases and that most Southern women, in my opinion, understand the cost of freedom. I could also point out how many women in the south voted Democrat when there was no issue of war to consider, and how other issues, and the personality of the candidates, come into play. But “hell no” is sufficient.

(I look forward to spending some time with Sister Toldjah, and other NC bloggers (both women and men) at Carolina Freedomnet 2006 on October 7 in Greensboro, NC. There is still time to register to attend. I hope to see some Wizbang readers there.)

ABC Collapses from Democrat Pressure and Edits "The Path to 9/11"


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