Rush On CBS News

I watched Rush Limbaugh’s CBS News segment at Newsbusters (they have the transcript, as well). It was great. Here is an excerpt:

My friends., it’s time to face a hard cold fact: Militant Islam wants to kill us just because we’re alive and don’t believe as they do. And they have been killing us for decades. It is time to stop pretending these are mere episodic events and face the reality that our way of life is in grave danger. Now, this threat is not just go away because we choose to ignore it.

“But some Americans, sadly, are not interested in victory. And yet they want us to believe that their behavior is Patriotic.

“Patriotism is rallying behind the country, regardless of party affiliation, to defeat Islamo-Fascism. Patriotism is supporting our troops on the battlefield, not undermining the mission and morale. But let there be no doubt about this. America will prevail. We’re the same country that survived a bloody Civil War, defeated the Nazis and the Soviets. Each generation has a responsibility to the next. Our generation will not disappoint.”

As for that last line, I sure hope Rush is right.

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