“We have the Islamic right to kill these journalists and media”

So says a Taliban commander in Afghanistan. The Taliban isn’t pleased about the news reports that NATO killed 200 terrorists and is threatening to kill journalists who refuse to report pro-Taliban propaganda:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan The top Taliban military commander on Monday said that NATO’s claims to have killed more than 200 insurgents over the weekend were propaganda and warned that his men would target journalists who reported “wrong information” given by the U.S.-led coalition or NATO.

“They are saying that they have killed 200 Taliban but they did not kill even 10 Taliban,” said Mullah Dadullah, Taliban military commander for south and southeastern Afghanistan. “They are just destroying civilian homes and agricultural land. They are using the media to do propaganda against the Taliban.”

Dadullah spoke to The Associated Press in a satellite phone call from an undisclosed location. The reporter has spoken to him in the past and recognized his voice.

“From today, I want to tell journalists that if in future they use wrong information from coalition forces or NATO we will target those journalists and media,” Dadullah said. “We have the Islamic right to kill these journalists and media.”

First, al Qaeda tells Americans to convert to Islam or die. Now the Taliban tells journalists to broadcast pro-Taliban propaganda or die. This is simply a small taste of what life will be like if we don’t destroy the Islamofascists who are working to force their religion and their way of life on all of us.

Hat tip: Right Wing News

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