Time Is Running Out

The Rightroots coalition has a big announcement today. Not only have several new candidates been added to the Rightroots list, but today is the beginning of a challenge to those in the conservative blogosphere to secure 100 donations for each of the Rightroots candidates between now and September 20. Robert Bluey of Human Events has already posted the details, so I will quote him:

Today the Rightroots coalition is proud to announce the addition of three Republican candidates: Mike Bouchard (MI-Sen), Ralph Norman (SC-05) and Andrea Lane Zinga (IL-17). All three are locked in races they can win, but they need your help.

In the case of Bouchard and Norman, they’re both challenging incumbent Democrats whose liberal views have led them astray. In Michigan, Sen. Debbie Stabenow has earned the nickname “Do Nothing Debbie.” She has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 11% — far from the mainstream in Michigan. Spratt, meanwhile, has a lifetime ACU rating of 25%. We’re left asking ourselves how this liberal can still possibly be representing a district in conservative South Carolina.

Andrea Lane Zinga is running for an open seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Lane Evans (D.). Not only is she keeping pace with Democrat Phil Hare, but she’s also embraced new media, featuring a blog on her campaign website.

Today also kicks off the start of the Rightroots 15-Day Challenge. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about this new effort to secure 100 donations for each Rightroots-endorsed candidate between now and September 20.

If you haven’t donated yet, now’s your chance to help. Click here to make a contribution and help Republicans maintain their majority in Congress, keeping liberals such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from running the show. Time is running out. Conservative candidates need money to run ads between now and election day. Please do your part to ensure we never have to hear the words Speaker Pelosi.

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