Setting The Record Straight

Anyone who has read my blogging and columns (here and here) knows that a topic I return to time and time again is the subject of “setting the record straight” on Iraq. There is much to argue, on both sides, about the mission in Iraq, and I am all for debate of the issue. There has yet to be much substantive debate, though, because there has been so much misinformation spread and so much vitriol injected into the discussion.

David Limbaugh addresses the subject, among others, in his new book, Bankrupt, which I highly recommend. In the first chapter, “Iraq: Democrats Lied and their Credibility Died,” David takes a look, one by one, at the Democrats’ claims that Bush lied us into war in Iraq.

The topic of the book is the “intellectual and moral bankruptcy of today’s Democratic party”, and David gives many more examples than just the debate over Iraq. To get an overview of the book, which he calls probably the most important he has written so far, read his most recent column by the same name.

Update: Sister Toldjah has more on the “Bush lied us into war” front.

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